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When you've hurt somebody this badly, can they ever forgive you?

I'm not proud of what i've done, i'm actually absolutely disgusted with myself. I guess the top and bottom of it is I thought the grass was greener, and admitted it thinking I wanted to be with a new man, they say you dont know what you've got til its gone.

I'm so truly sorry and know I would never do anything like this again, do you think if its meant to be it will be and he'll take me back?

You all have every right to be digusted at me.

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    It depends on how serious the relationship was, how much your ex cares for you, and how hurt he is. Don't beat yourself up too much. Yes you made a mistake you deeply regret, it happens, learn from it. Unless you've got a time machine there is nothing you can do! Talk to your ex, tell him what you said here, adn tell him how deeply you regret it. He may not take you back, that is a real possibility. But learn from it, don't mope around. You've learnt a valuable lesson. Good luck

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    if your ex is anything like me, he's hurting and literally wishing, praying for you to have a change of heart. if you ARE my ex, i forgive you.

    I'm an ex whose girlfriend left me to 'see what's out there' and if she would admit her mistake and come back with apologies, i would take her back in a second.

    But if this is the way you feel, make a move before he decides that you're a lost cause and moves on.

    : ) good luck

    Source(s): Speaking as an ex boyfriend on the other side of hopefully the exact same situation.
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    whatever you did, just forgive yourself . he might not forgive you or want anything to do with you anymore but whats important is that you forgive yourself and learn from your mistake, don't do it again. at-least you learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side. take care and forgive yourself.

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    It does happen and it can happen but it's really down to him.

    Also, if you do get back together it won't work if he brings it back up in arguments, which shows that he can't get over it.

    Go slowly, be careful and if you 2 are really meant to be together, you will.

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    I think everyone deserves a second chance and doesnt hurt to try you know you were wrong and now just try to make it right

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