Abide by religeon or love?

Well both me and a girl are in love. This is my first and hopefully last. We are stopped though by many factors such as:




The main one is religion due to me being Sikh and her Muslim. Should i give her up for a faith or should i give faith for her. Yet to put this into prospective i would die for either. Assistance is needed. oh ps if you wonder why Muslims and Sikhs are divided look into war history and the division of religion.

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    You are in a tough position. The two greatest causes of war in throughout history. True love should be able to transcend Religion. External persecution can be harsh though, as I'm sure you are aware.

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    myself and my husband have this issue also but we respect our differences because our love is strong. your families may not feel the same though. i am baptist and he was raised jehovah witness although neither of us actively attend. basically i celebrate and he doesn't really but for our kids we celebrate just not to the extend that i was raised. we will get them gifts for christmas but no tree or decorations (compromise) these were things that I didn't think about until after we had kids. his mother is trying her best to raise my children in her faith against my will which has caused a huge issue this past week. i would suggest that you two really talk about how a marriage between you would work and how you would raise your children because if you two cannot agree or compromise on those things than you should let it go now.

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    You have to look at this in detail. If you got married, what would you raise your kids as?

    It is very important to have the same view point on religion in marriage. It will save you a lot of headache and problems. Yet, the choice is yours. Just make a wise decision. You are the one who have to live with it.

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