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When was the airbag first introduced?

Year and info needed.

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    The air bag traces its origin to air-filled bladders outlined as early as 1941 and first patented in the 1950s.

    Early air bag systems were large and bulky, primarily using tanks of compressed or heated air, compressed nitrogen gas (N2), freon, or carbon dioxide (CO2).

    Some of the early systems created hazardous byproducts. One particular system used gun-powder to heat up freon gas, producing phosgene gas (COCl2)—an extremely poisonous gas.

    One of the first patents for automobile air bags was awarded to industrial engineer John Hetrick on August 18, 1953.

    Conceived by Hetrick after a near accident in 1952, the design called for a tank of compressed air under the hood and inflatable bags on the steering wheel, in the middle of the dash-board, and in the glove compartment to protect front seat occupants, and on the back of the front seat to protect rear seat passengers.

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    i dont know fully but it was after 1985 cause my truck doesnt have 1

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