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Is this a good poem with sensory images?

The Rain...

I love how it makes me wet like a helpless chick.

I love how it hides my tears.

The dropping of tiny silver crystals on the roof makes me asleep,

like a lullaby in my ears.

Rain is actually nothing in this world --- smells like nothing, tastes like nothing

but I believe, romantic moments came from this kind of weather.

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    Great imagery. I love the first four lines. I would change "asleep" to "sleep". It's great. I just disagree with you in theory on the last two lines. I think rain has a fantastic smell and even has a taste.

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    sounds good make you already thinking of how you can be rained on good creativity think much more and nice time thinking alone

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    If a phrase is kinna good..

    But,wow... nice,i can imagine it..

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    good.u can do much better,if u keep on writing

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