Looking for a Dedicated Proxy service please help?


I am looking for a more dedicated proxy service with a good bandwidth. I heard of a proxy called relaxx can't remember or find its url. Also can a proxy service be configured with your router so everytime someone goes online in your home you basically use that proxy server. Would greatly appreciate help in this matter


I appreciate your answers. Those sites are pretty good. What I need something for is not an http proxy but a proxy for my system. So I can add it to my router and be on proxy all the time. There is this one proxy called Relaxx. It's a Swiss proxy which charges a monthly rate. I need something dedicated like that. The proxy list you told me am I able to play games on that? Multiplayer gaming?

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    http://www.fun4school.info/ is a great website unblocker which allows you unrestricted surfing which means you can go any on website you want.

    You may also want to join the yahoo proxy group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/loadsofproxies/ by joining this group you will get 10 new proxies sent to your inbox each day.

    Don't forget to tell your mates :)

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