What's the next step?Should I tell his sister?

Theres this guy who I have been liking for almost two years now,he has been flirting with me for almost a 2 years, and he is still single, so I feel he is waiting for me to become legal,but I'm not really sure,he said and I quote "You are so beautiful, when are you going to be my wife"So this guy he is always telling me how pretty I am, and saying how far my looks can get me.He always has to clarify that he is single. His sister yesterday said he was upset and I should talk to him because everytime he sees me he gets happy(What does this mean?) For the 2 years I've known him, he has never came up there with one female.He is always making fun of how young I am.And he always teases me. And when I was 17, when we were talking he said "If only you were 18" and I said "I will be 18 in 6 months" and he said "I will wait" and he smiled.Sometimes he flirts with me soo bad, then the next time I see him, all he does is stare and not say anything...only like teases me. Is he afraid to approach me? I know him well enough by now, he is not all creepy, looking to score or whatever.but what could i do to keep his interest. FYI.Met him at my church

Should I tell his sister that I'm interested, I'm really close to her by now.

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    1 decade ago
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    honey it takes more than beauty to make a good wife, and if your looks are all he is interested in then you better dump him now. he has nothing to offer you in return.

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