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What is Malaysia? Is it a safe country?

..What is Malaysia? Is it a safe country?

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    Malaysia is country with it's map looked much like a penis

    Quite safe from earth quake, tsunami, major flood, hurricane and terrorist

  • Hima
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    1 decade ago

    are u asking where is malaysia?

    if u are then... it is above singapore and below thailand.. go tru the world map u will know

    is it a safe country?well is ur country safe from all the crime... or just show me one country without crime..i dont think so u can

    we have thousand of tourist coming here every year for a beautiful vacation.. malaysia is clean, we serve hygenic food and we are definately tourist friendly

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    If you really wanna know about Malaysia, check out this site: or

    They are the official homepages of Malaysia!

    And yep its totally safe!

  • What is Malaysia? is a country

    Is it a safe country?very safe

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    Malaysia is a country....

    I live there....

    It's safe in malaysia....

    In malaysia we help each's a nice country...

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    Yeah totally safe,with no wars and few crimes.Various races/religions live happily in here and it is located between Thailand and Singapore.

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    yes it is safe. if u are a tourist, always maintain a low profile and don't be a show-off. otherwise, u may disgust some of the locals

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is Malaysia? Is it a safe country?

    Malaysia?..It is a danish pastry and made of many kind of 'ingredients' and yup..its totally safe for consumption..


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is Malaysia? - It's a country

    Is it a safe country? - Safe from what?

  • kimht
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    1 decade ago

    it the place i born in and school in

    but i spend 20 years working outside it

    is still the place i willing to retired in

    cos it is that

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