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Can Silver-fish (the insect) bite/sting you or something along those lines?

I was just wondering because I had a silver-fish crawl on me the other night and the next morning I had like an itchy- little bump on my arm where it was. I'm sure something else could have also bitten me or it could be my imagination, but I'm also still curious.

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    It was not a bite, it was most probably where it relieved itself or in other words pooped and whatever was in the poop reacted causing itchy lump.

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    Silverfish Insect Bite

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    I don't think so. I had never heard that they bite or sting.

    You could have a bite from one of those tiny spiders that dart around real fast. It could have been a coincidence that the silverfish was at the same spot.

    The sources I checked did not say anything about stinging people.

    URLs below.

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    No, they cannot hurt you. They feed on the same stuff as cockroaches, so I would imagine that they are not sanitary creatures. If some of the bacteria from their bodies got into a small, pin-sized wound, it would swell and therefore become noticeable.

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    yes they can you should go to walmart or somewher and get this bug thing that puts out a high annoying tone for the bug that drivs it out of the house or wher ever you live

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    I don't think so..

    They eat mostly wood / paper etc.

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