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What are some good Sabiki Brands ?

Does anyone know of any good Sabiki Brand which you can recommend them to me ? Are Sabiki Brands such as Pioneer Tackles Sabiki, Surecatch Sabiki, Gamakatsu Sabiki and Hayabusa Sabiki good ? Any good recommendations which is proven to be effective for you ?

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    Where are you going to fish first?

    Basically, hook size is very important. I have used most of the brands you had mentioned. I guess it really depends on where you are fishing at.

    Look at what the regulars/boatman are using there. Usually what they use is what works.

    I prefer sabikis with feathers and the fake fish skin on, lumo beads too.

    But my all time favourite is still mustad, those with the plastic squid thingys on. Works at most places for me.

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    hey man, there are many brands that have made the "sabinki" rigs but the best one is the original "sabiki" sabiki is the original brand. most just call them bait fish rigs. walmart "around here anyways...southeast ga" carrys the sabiki brand. i have found that the sabiki brand rigs have a better lure, stronger main line and stronger leader lines. most of the time when i get off brand sabiki rigs i usually throw them away at the end of the day due to loss of lures breaking off and with them knotting up so bad they just are not worth fighting them to keep the hooks from being tangled with what ever else i have with me. the sabiki brand rigs i actually take the time to make sure they dont get tangled. the are actually worth keeping. i dont know how much they are around you but here the off brand ones are a dollar so i will chunk them cause a dollar isnt going to make me loose my house. so i just toss them. the sabiki is usually about 3 dollars. that isnt a whole lot neither but they are like i said they are worth a second shot. man i hope this helps you a bit, good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

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