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Brown discharge and periods girlsno boys or only a doctor ?

ok here it goes im 10 and this is what i have started in puberty:

pubic hair

boobs i have 2 wear a bra

brown discharge wear pantyliner


wide hips


i sweat use a deodorant obviously

sweaty oily hair and mood swings

cramps and feel bloated

well i have these symptoms 4 a year and a half accept from brown discharge which i have only had 4 5 months and cramps 4 months

my question is is it true brown discharge is old blood ?my brown discharge is brown sometimes mixed with orange color have it up 2 3 days in 4-5 weeks kinda like period but it is discharge am i gonna start soon?

how to get rid of cramps?

whats better tampons or pads?

whats the best company?

p.s i have not started and im 10 .

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    yes i'd say you are going to start soon, you can take Tylenol, aleeve, any pain reliever really to treat your cramps. As to tampons or pads it really depends on the person, i use tampons but at first i used pads, most girls do. For pads i like kotex,(but it really doesnt matter the only ones i didnt like were the ones with wings.) and for tampons tampax pearl or platex gentle glide

    good luck =)

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    brown blood is indeed old blood whereas red is fresh this may be a sign that ur periods are due to start soon,im pretty confident that these arent actual periods though because it should be fresh blood turning to brown in perhaps the last day or two

    as for sanitary products ud be better sticking to pads initially id say ur too young to use tampons and the cheaper supermarket ones are ofter just as good as the leading more expensive brands........hope this helps

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