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Should I call my ex lover?

I had an affair with this married man that lasted almost a year. He ended it, told me he was through and that it was not worth it. He had his phone number changed. I found out what his new number is, my question is.....Should I call him and see how he is doing or do I leave him alone? I fell in love with this man, but apparently he didn't love me. He is with his wife and I heard that they are doing really well.

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    Leave him alone!! Have you no respect? I know you still have feelings with him, but he changed his number, that's got to tell you something. Sorry hun but you were just a bit of fun to him, when it got too complicated, or threatened to get out he cut it off. He told you it was over, changed his number, move on! If you were to call it all you'd get is abuse, believe me. You'd lose all your dignity running after someone who doesn't want you. He chose his wife, married men usually do. You got burnt hun, it hurts, don't pick the scar, it will never heal. Throw the number away. Good luck!

    Source(s): Been in the same situation. Called and got hurt all over again
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    No leave him alone let him be. If his relationship is good with his wife why risk destroying it.

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    HELL NO.

    move on seriously. for him, it was just one night stand. he just use you for sex. don't you see it?

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    ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?!?! Don't be a home wrecker.

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