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Can God get in Hell to see what's going on in there?

I mean, I've been always told that Hell is actually the absence of God, but also God is omnipresent and omniscient, and God is all there is and nothing is out of Him. It's all a little confusing.. your thoughts?

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    He doesn't need to. Jesus would not enter into hell himself when he went to the spirit world. He instructed the Saints there on what to do, then came back to Earth to rise up into the Kingdom of Heaven on the third day after his crucifixion. Remember Moses when he was told to remove his shoes at the burning bush. The place was holy. No unclean thing can be in the presence of God, and that means his going into the place called hell. God can see what's going on there without going using the celestial cameras. Think of it like a TV or VCRs recording everything.

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    It's either the absence of God, in which case he is not omnipresent, or it's directly under his control, like all other things, in which case he's the ultimate sadist and hardly deserving of worship.

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    When Jesus Christ died on the cross, and after He had risen but prior to the ascension, He descended into hell to minister for those who died before His coming. Written in the Bible it is clear that He has the keys to bothe heaven and hell, as He is - as you yourself just mentioned - omnipresent, Almighty.

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    God is there, He is everywhere. It's just that people in Hell are so dull to knowing Him they don't perceive Him as being there. For if they had that sense they would be with Him and not in Hell.

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    God is everywhere but when the time comes for damnation, he'll CHOOSE not to be there, (hell). Therefore it WILL mean there'd be a separation from God. Remember with God, NOTHING is impossible. Amen.

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    I don't think God wants to go visit Hell just for funsies, but I think He can do anything He wants. I don't know about the "absence of God" part though.

  • Friend,

    No doubt about God being referred as OMNIPRESENT.


    So HE need not, as matter of fact can not do what you said, since HE is EVERYWHERE.

    He need not walk into some place, as HE is already there.

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    dude, chill out. It really doesnt matter. Whats the point wasting your time thinking and worrying about it when there probably isnt a god anyway. No-one can even prove if there is one let alone whether he can take a day trip to Hell. Its all stories to try and control people. Worry about it when you're dead.

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    madmarv:A for as GOD seeing whats going on there no he cant because GOD cannot look upon sin, but JESUS can after all he spent 3 days there.

    Source(s): get a bible u can understand and read the 4 gosples.
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    In the bible Jesus (God, part of the trinity) walked through hell and set souls free

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