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The Boy Is Making Me Nervous...?

I am 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. There is this boy I have a crush on who is 16 and he is a junior. I've known him since I was a sophomore. He's is really smart into school and everything just like me. My friend told him that there is a girl that likes him and he told her that he doesn't go off of looks at all he justs likes a girl with personality. My friend told him I would approach him. I want to approach him but everytime I see him I get so nervous. But, I was never afraid to say hi to him in the hallway. I also go to him last class a lot because him teacher is my senior advisor for class officers. But, I just go in there to see him. I want to date him but I want to get to know him better and show him I have personality. I think he has an idea that I like him. What should I do?

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    you dont have to prove anything to him all you have to do is be yourself and tell him how you feel...i think its cute that he makes you nervous lol..

    good luck and im sure everything will work out..


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    All you can do...if your that shy then have this same friend give him your number, and tell him who's number it is, see if he calls that way he can get to know you...good luck

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    go for it you are the only one that can

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