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If my kids are doing good...should I change to a better school?

My kids are in a low performing school.  Planning on moving to a better school district.  My daughter 12 is OK with it, but rather not move.   My son 11 is not willing to move.   Planning on buying new house in a better school district.  My kids are doing fine at their curent school.  Their PSSA scores are high.   The only reason that I want to move is so I can give my kids a better school (this new school district is called #1 school district around here. )  It is ranked 19th school out of the state that we live.   The one that my kids are going to is ranked 315th.   I don't need to move if it weren't for the school.   Please any advice is appreciated

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    Wow,...I totally commend you for looking out for your children's best interest when it comes to education. I say you absolutely must make that move as an investment for their futures. I'm willing to bet, this new school will have motivation/self-esteem programs for kids which will allow them to make friends quickly and not to mention provide an efficient support-system that encourages community spirit.

    The transition may be bumpy for everyone involved when it comes to moving and changing schools.....but you'll all be glad you did it!

    Good luck!

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