what is the greatest moment in wrestling in 2008 so far?

BQ:wrestler of the year 2008 ??

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    Best Moment: Orton Win at WM

    WOTY: Edge

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    5 years ago

    I would say it's a bit disrespectful to the WWE rather than an insult to the fans. The storyline had so much drama and emotion into the match and storyline. Then Ric Flair gets a huge farewell ceremony from the whole locker room. Even Undertaker who doesn't appear on screen on stuff like this, came out, despite the fact that it's breaking kayfabe. In only 2 years, he decides to leave the WWE and go to TNA and wrestled over there for a little bit. It should've been a real retirement instead of a 2 year retirement. WQ - The Sweet Chin Music to Shelton Benjamin on the May 5, 2005 episode of Raw was the best. WQ 2 - Yeah, I think CM Punk has lost a lot of steam because his promos aren't angry anymore. He just comes out all happy and panders to the crowd now. His matches are good but his promos aren't as good as they were before. At least he's on a 6 month title reign so far and bringing credibility to the WWE Championship again.

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    Greatest moment in 2008 is Retirement of Ric Flair and all the celebration, but I also liked when CM Punk stole the World Championship from Edge. Great moment!

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    Best moment was the whole event of Wrestlemania highlighted by two wonderful wrestling matches between Michaels and Flair and then Edge and Undertaker. Also Flair's retirement party was amazing.

    BQ.It is an interesting one because nobody has stood out. Jeff Hardy has had a good year ruined by his suspension and Randy Orton had a terrific first half of the year as did Edge who proved how good he can be with an average storyline. Making a decision on the whole year I would have to say Jeff Hardy but Orton and Edge were both better in the first half of 2008 before their breaks.

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    Ric Flair's retirement send off was as classy as he is. No one ever deserved a bigger tribute and that was a great, sensational send off. i still get a little teary eyed when thinking of it. Even the Big Show cried and i have yet to see the footage but they say the Undertakers goodbye was one to see.

    Wrestler of the year i will give to Matt Hardy. He has taken on all comers since he won the belt and it was nice to see a regular televised main event (last weeks between him and Finlay) be more than 15 minutes long and be about wrestling and not all talk. i hope he continues in this fashion.

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    I would say Flair's Retirement, but I don't know..as Paul Heyman said, it was still too "WWE-ish"..and sort of still left out many key elements/people from Flair's NWA and WCW tenure.

    For me, besides Foley joining TNA, I would have to say by far it was C.M. Punk winning that World Title on Raw! I think most people had no idea he'd actually be cashing it in that night, and much less, winning (and keeping) the belt and for a good grip of time (although I STILL to this day DON'T KNOW WHY WWE HAD PUNK LOSE THE BELT IN THE FIRST PLACE)....he was massively over with the fans, and his win symbolized how badly the fans wanted (and STILL WANT) different, young guys leading the charge in the WWE. I DO love Jericho as champ though, but I'm just tired of seeing Batista, John Cena, and JBL constantly in the heavyweight title scene....heck, I SMILED seeing the focus on Jericho and HBK (which is by far 2008's FEUD OF THE YEAR)....and Jericho and HBK's work this year could also be considered as a candidate for the greatest moment in wrestling this year.

    In my opinion, for best wrestler of the year, (besides Styles and Samoa Joe), and although C.M. Punk has been stellar this year, I still think back to Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy. BOTH men have delivered countless upon countless edge-of-your-seat matches this year...before Jericho turned heel this year, I remember how well he worked with Hardy in their match! and Hardy and HBK worked EQUALLY well together in another classic this year. Jericho and HBK, also, worked well when Jericho was a face early this year (particularly at this past January's No Way Out). Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Kofi Kingston, Beer Money, Shelton Benjamin, Petey Williams, Senshi, LAX, and Black Machismo have also been notables this year in the ring.

    I will say that the wrestling aspect has indeed been better this year in the WWE (Undertaker even managed to deliver an amazing match with FESTUS this year on Smackdown, and Taker and Kane also delivered another classic wrestling match), although I wish they'd diversify more like TNA, and cut back on the REPETITIVE and PREDICTABLE STORYLINES, and focus more on pushing more of its tag teams, as well as focusing on FACTIONS!! That's a major reason why I also rank TNA much higher than WWE these days

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    The greatest moment in this this year has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, Mick Foley joining TNA. Not only the single biggest and most influential thing for TNA this year, but probably the biggest and most influential thing that TNA has EVER done!

    BQ: Wrestler of the year is such a difficult question but, in my opinion, it has to be AJ Styles.

  • Rohit
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    1 decade ago

    Ric Flair's retirement in RAW.

    BQ===Definatley Kurt Angle

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The 2009 game coming out or RAW after WrestleMania XXIV when everyone came out to say their good-byes to Naitch

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    1 decade ago

    When Santino Marella welcomed Rey Mysterio (Ray Mastreo) to Raw. lol. So funny. "You are not the Batman".

    BQ: Santino Marella!!!!!!

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