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Can I really check-in two baggages, (1) check-in through, (2) from the connecting flight, without any issue?

My final destination is Sydney with a connecting flight in Hongkong. I plan to stay in HK for 2 days and shop. If my baggage from my point of origin was 'checked-in through to final destination' and already 20K, am i entitled to another check-in? another 20K?

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    If you are staying in Hong Kong for two days, I don't think the airline CAN check your baggage through to Sydney. That is a break of journey, and your bags have to be claimed when you arrive in Hong Kong, then rechecked when the time comes for your flight on to Sydney.

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    The simple answer is NO. Your ticket will let the airline know how much baggage allowance you are allowed and will be able to see that you already have luggage checked in so they will either not allow the extra bag full stop or charge you for taking it which is usually 10% of a full fare.

    In economy you are entitled to Between 20 - 23kgs for hold luggage, business is 30 and first is 40.

    If you check your luggage straight through to Sydney it will of course arrive before you and then you are leaving it the hands of the airport for security!!! Crazy idea if you ask me. Plus arent you going to need things in the 2 days you are in Hong Kong?

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    If you are staying in Hong Kong for 2 days you don't really have a through flight, I would not leave my luggage with the airlines for 2 days.

    If your airlines is charging for extra bags then you are going to have to pay since you now have 2 bags, regardless of where they were checked.

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