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Can the GOP attract Hispanic voters and still be tough on illegal immigration?

In January 2001, two days before President-elect George W. Bush moved into the White House, his top strategist, Karl Rove, told the Republican National Committee that “our mission and our goal” was make further inroads with Hispanics. Four years later Bush had accomplished just that, improving his share of the Hispanic vote to 44 from 35 percent.

Today, those gains are gone, as Republican John McCain won just 31 percent of the Hispanic vote.


I think one of the ONLY hopes is to attract the ones who do not like the anti religious stances of the left...abortions, etc.

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    Yes, as most hispanic voters came here legally and support the immigration process

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    George W. and McCain tried to get the bill passed, when, as you know, the talk radio air waves were filled with anti immigration sentiment forcing congress to shoot down the bill, aimed directly from, the right.

    This lost the vote for Republicans certainly this year, and, probably beyond. You cannot hold, in disdain, a people, and, have them side with you on principle, just doesn't work this way!

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    I think so. They just have to be seen to be can't seem like they are targeting Hispanic illegals. Too many Republicans seem to focus on Hispanics rather than pushing for an end to illegals no matter where they come from.

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    I think so. Hispanic voters are Americans too and illegal immigrants impact them as much as they do anyone else. Besides illegal immigrants don't just come from Latin countries. There are a lot of Asians that are smuggled into the US illegally and there is a fairly large ring that was bringing illegals from Ireland, so I would think Hispanics would support cracking down on illegal immigration as much as the rest of us..

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  • IF the Republican party gets rid of the undue influence of the radical right religious sect of the party they MIGHT win back SOME disaffected Hispanics.

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    not on the west coast...

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