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Can someone ease my mind about tapering?

I've been training really hard for the past few months for the Philly Marathon. I'm hoping to qualify for Boston, so I really want to run my best race. This week would be the time to taper. I'm used to running six miles *every* day except for Saturdays, which I go longer. I know I need to cut back a lot this week, but I'm worried about two things:

1. I'll gain a few pounds from not running as much this week and therefore, having more weight to carry through the marathon will make my pace slower...

2. I'll lose some of the fitness I've gained over the past few months from not running as much...

I know it's all in my mind. But if some of you could tell me your own taper stories I would sure love to hear them!

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    Good for you! You have done all the training you can. NOW is the time to enjoy some light activity :D and don't fret over how far,how long, how hard. It doesn't get any better than right now.

    That said, You can still run this week but keep it around 30 min's and casual. Just to get the itch to run out of your system. It will take 2 full weeks for you to lose your peak fitness level so like I said; You have done all the training you can.

    Don't worry about your weight. Of course we all need to eat sensible but an extra pound or two is a good reserve for your muscles to draw from when they need energy.

    Now is about mental prep, visualization and when all else fails you can pack and repack your race bag.

    Source(s): Marathon runner, training for race vacation in AZ, PF Chang's RnR, still need to shave 3 min's off my latest time to qualify for Boston but that will be a different race.
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    we dont taper anymore, its an outdated theory... You just start resting a few days before the race

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