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cat flap/door what do i do ?

i have two cats i got them a few months ago from a shelter i made a mistake when i got them i never closed back door now i cant as they hate it and get frightened when i close it anyone any suggestions what i can do

and also i was thinking of getting a cat flap i live in the fife area and i have a council house and the doors are hollow plastic ones would i be able to put a cat flap on them i am desperate


would the council mind me doing it im sure a lot of people have it done and how wld they know

Update 2:

i heard the staywell 4 way door is the best are they easy to fit as i asked for professional prices and they where £200.00 way too expensive

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    You'll be able to cut through plastic hollow door to install a cat door flap.

    Since the door is hollow -

    "You've got a hollow-core or steel door-Best bet is to purchase a 'self-framing' pet door."

    Use a Jig saw with a metal cutting blade, it works best."

    Source(s): General Information About 'Self-Framing' Door Mount Pet Doors-
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    Yes you can install door for your cats.A good quality door has expandable alum. frame so there is no hollow core showing,it's all capped off..As far as the door being opened,try shutting the door every few days a little more may be about 6 inches each time..Plus if you get a kitty door that has a clear flap that should help......

    Source(s): I installed a doggie door my self....
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    Before you start cutting holes in your doors, better check with the housing authority; they might not like it.

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