UHG! boii hellppp!??!?!?!?

hii. ok so this guy (lets just call him Bob) ok so i went to a little show a couple weekends ago. and it was for the first graders at our skool. and i saw bob lol. there i was wif mii friends and he was wif his. he does to a dif skool then mii cus hes in middle and ihm in elementrey a year apart. k anyway so we saw eachother there and talked and hung outt ferr a lil. he was like starin at mii and his friend was liek BOB! yur ex girlfriend is here (we ddint go out) and he didnt seem to mind. umm does he like mii still? (he used to even tho he denied it its pretty easy to tell) and i dont liek him so if he does like wat should i do about it

-confusedd Maddi

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    heyy hunii i thibk soo :) he still likes u by the sound of it

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