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Do you have to have favors at a wedding?

They just seem a waste of money and most get left there at the end of the night anyway

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  • Kristy
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    You don't have to have them but hey are a nice gesture of thanks for your guests. If you do have favors, make sure they are either edible or useful. Some people have taken to making a charitable donation in the names of their guests instead of having favors, which is nice as well.

    As we debated favors, we decided to skip the normal small trinkets (candles, frames, etc) and go a bit more lux. We are having our reception at a winery so we're putting together a wine and cheese basket for each couple/single and a snacks backet for each under-age or non-drinker. The baskets will have a bottle of personalized wine, an assortment of gourmet cheeses, an assortment of crackers and some gourmet chocolates. We are also including a wine-and-cheese pairing guide. I doubt we will have many left at the end of the night and if we do, we will certainly be able to store the wine and eat the rest!

    Good luck!

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    I have never been to a wedding where there were no favors. But some brides like to put out a Candy Buffet. That way each guest can bring home a bag of their favorite candy. It's really just a "Thank You For coming to my wedding" Favor. They need not be expensive. Just a little something would be fine.

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    Absolutely not. Favours are actually a rather silly current wedding fad: how many of us really need more clutter to take home with us?

    Traditionally, guests took home some of the wedding cake (unmarried girls would then put it under their pillow that night to invoke dreams of their future husband). When the American milling industry began promoting white cake as wedding cake instead of the traditional fruitcake, people needed alternatives: white cake is crumbly and doesn't transport well, and it makes a real mess of your pillow! So people either provided tiny boxes for the cake, or offered Jordan almonds to take home for the same purpose.

    Modern favours just extend the alternatives, but some go to rather ridiculous ends in the process. If you feel the need for favours, stick to the edible sort which at least don't become clutter.

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    No, not required. Our wedding is in early Dec of 09 with a winter wonderland theme. We have chosen snowflake Christmas ornaments for favors. If they are left behind we plan to collect them and put on our first tree. Looks pretty, nice gesture, no wasted money.

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    I plan to have them, and I dont think they are a waste of money, hell it is $2 per person or less.

    Went to a wedding last saturday and NO favours were left AT ALL! Even the centrpieces were taken at the brides request. You don't have to have them, but if you do I think the key is to have edible favours, everyone likes those.

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    It's a nice sentiment but to be honest, most favors are crap and people often leave them at the table, much less take them home and treasure them! If you don't have favors, just make sure guests feel welcome and comfortable and that you have put effort in to make sure they have a good time. There is no need for them to take home some sugared almonds or whatever to feel that way.

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    We made CD's of our wedding music, Everyone loved them,

    we had a few left over, but blank CD's cost like 10 cents each when you buy a tall stack, we labeled them and people loved them, probably cause

    of the really cool music selection(my wife picked most of it)

    We had a couple left when we were done, but it was no major loss and

    in fact we had a couple post wedding requests for more.

  • 1 decade ago

    When planning a wedding you don't have to have anything.

    There are a lot of things that people do now because that's what someone else did.

    In this instance it's a money-waster and you're right it usually gets left at the end of the reception.

    If you're asking this for yourself.....please have wonderful memories.....but do what you can afford and what makes sense to you.

  • Sunny
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    1 decade ago

    no you don't have to. i bet most guests wouldn't even notice if you didn't have them. i felt the same way about my wedding, i didn't want to spend money when lots of people just leave them behind or throw them out, so we did scratch off lottery tickets for favors. it was fun because some of the guests won money!


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    We thought the same thing, waste of money, people dont always take them- and when they do they usually go in the trash or sitting on a dusty shelf for months...so we're actually doing a Candy Buffet Table- with clear bags and jars of different candy- so people can grab a bag and take their pick- and whatevers left over (if anything) I'm sure people will take it anyway with them for later!!

    Source(s): my own wedding is in 13 days!!
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