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How to use the Nikon D60 for night capturing?

I am using a NIKON D60 DSLR camera. I am an ameature photographer in the beginning stage. I am much confident in the day time photography. But I am facing some difficulties in night time photography. I know the light will be very less. If I set the mode to aperture and shutter seep in optimum level, It will be in 10 sec for one shutter or 25 sec for one shutter. like that. So I have to use a tripod all the times while doing night photography or use the powerful flash for night photos? I need to capture the nature at night. So please advice me in this case. Also refer some books for night photography.


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    If you are trying to capture movement at night without flash you will need a fast lens - 50mm f1.4 - and a high ISO - 1600 to 3200. Even the most powerful flash offered by Nikon will be of limited use at night outdoors since there is little ambient light and no walls or ceiling to contain and reflect the flash.

    Now if your interest is in getting good low-light, non-flash pictures then you definitely need a tripod and either a cable release or some way of holding the shutter open. You should be in Manual Mode with the AF off. For this you have to be in control.

    I use and recommend the FotoSharp ( Day & Night Exposure Guide. Here are just a few examples from it:

    45 minutes after sunset; Brightly lit street corners

    ISO 100

    f5.6 @ 1/4 sec.

    f8 @ 1/2 sec.

    f11 @ 1 sec.

    Floodlit buildings, fountains; Outdoor Christmas lights

    ISO 100

    f5.6 @ 2 sec.

    f8 @ 4 sec.

    f11 @ 8 sec.

    City skyline in distance

    ISO 100

    f5.6 @ 15 sec.

    f8 @ 30 sec.

    f11 @ 1 minute

    There are numerous references for night photography on the internet. Just google night photography.

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    My 2 cents worth says try to shoot at the peak of their stillness. Movement could easily produce blurriness. If your ISO setting can be set to auto, do it. You can forget pre setting ISO to 100 or 200.

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