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Why is oscar dela hoya so popular?

He loses all the time

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    this guy is the most over rated boxer of all time

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    Oscar has a story first he won a Gold medal in the olympic his mother died before he won the gold and her last dieing wish was for her son to win a gold medal for her he is a good looking guy but the real reason he is so popular is because the Mexicans love him even the ones that say that he is not Mexican enough. There have been a lot of good looking guys that could fight but none of them made any where near what Oscar makes . One more thing Howard Davis Jr. Had the same story as Oscar except his mother died while Davis was at the olympics he never made any money. The media can make you or break you. Look at Kimbo Slice where is he now but when it comes to Oscar it does not matter how many fights he looses they love him. I am a boxing fan and I just don,t get it but I wish I had what ever it is that Oscar has because in the history of the world no fighter has gone as far as he has with as little talent as he has .

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    Oscar is so popular because of his Mexican descent. He was America's Mexican boxer. Back in the days, he was the man to beat. Plus, he is the pretty boy! All of the woman around the world love this man. Now, he is doing his own promotions. Put it this way, he will never run out of money! He doesn't always lose...look at his record. His losses came against some pretty good fighters.

  • loses all the time? your wrong ese, oscar de la hoya is one of the best boxers in the world infact he won the gold medal in the olympics, din't you know that? also if you see all his first fights you well seee why he is so popular. his old style reminds me of the late r mexican champion sal sanchez R.I.P. , when de la hoya starts to hop and throw combinations and straight stiff jab, he got that from sanchez... not only that de la hoya beat really good mexican legend fighters and prove a point that his road to the top wasn't easy, to all those still hating on de la hoya, i know why, and i assume your straight out from Mexico at least, i am Mexican born in usa so i am a chicano, but i notice that the mexicans paisas lol hate de la hoya so much because he beat there supposely legend julio cesar chavez, not once but two times and even worse, so what chavez wasn't all that in the first place. he got more credit and fame by fix fight by don king... there are real better mexican boxing legends like, sal sanchez jose becerra ..vicente saldivar , ruben olivarez, kid azteca, alfonso zamora, carlos zarate, ricardo finito lopez who to me was way better than chavez and they always keep him on chavez old *** shadow....... erik morales . marco antonio barrera, jorge paez, da la hoya, and the list goes on, on mexican boxing legends, so the next time you vatos hate on de la hoya. just remember that he is way better than your old media chavez

    Source(s): ohhh and jorge "el travieso" arce now that vato really gets down next mexican legend goes toe to toe... and rafael marquez and israel vasquez as well
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    1992 Olympic Gold Medalist. He has appeal, looks, money. His own promotion company, has a book out, and has had numerous T.V. appearances, and on latino networks as well. It seems that he owns half of HBO boxing lol. He released an album back in 2000 I believe, and one of his songs was nominated for a grammy. Well that's all I have at the top of my head, hope I helped. You start getting noticed with all these accomplishments.

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    Gold Medal Olympian

    Good Looks


    Good boxer

    Exciting to watch

    pulls huge amounts of fans, even non-boxer fans, (woman/gay)

    An excellent ambassador for Professional boxing


    Pro-active in all aspects of life.


    And above all he is "CHICANO FROM EAST LA"

    Always gave other boxers the opportunity to fight him regardless of popularity

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    Because women think he's pretty and non-threatening. Of course, top boxers also find him non-threatening as well. But when there's a ODLH fight, you'll see here on Y! Answers just how many women ask "where can I see the ODLH fight?"

    The fans with a more intimate knowledge know the real deal: Oscar has never legitimately won a big fight.

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    People ask the same question about Ricky Martin. No doubt the answer is the same.

    (BTW, though Elmer observes rightly "Oscar has never legitimately won a big fight" as he was gifted the Sturm decision, he was jobbed in the Trinidad fight.)

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    Oscar is an entertainer that's why he is so popular, just like Ali & Tyson. it's the show that puts bums on seats look at Ricky Hatton.

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    Hes got money and hes been in the game for so long.

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