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Does anybody know of a video editing Special FX software that is free beside Adobe After Effects and FXHome?

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  • Paul
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    6 years ago

    Low-Cost Alternative:

    Blender; $0 or $10/month

    Ask yourself: Is Blender good enough?

    Blender has a complete VFX pipeline in one single software package.

    In Blender you get tools similar to Maya (animation), 3ds Max (modifiers), ZBrush (sculpting), FumeFX (fire and smoke), RealFlow (fluids), RayFire (destruction), Mocha (planar tracking), Boujou (matchmoving), Arnold (rendering), After Effects (motion graphics), and Nuke (compositing).

    All of these tools are far from perfect, but they're getting better every day.

    Motion Tracking in Blender: A short tutorial by Sebastian Koenig.

    Blender is FREE with full functionality and you're allowed to use Blender in any production without having to pay for anything.

    Only you know if Blender is good enough for your projects needs and requirements.

    Blender Cycles Reel 2015

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  • 5 years ago

    Cheese monkey video editor is great it only has one special effect where you can put a banana on the screen, and with month to years of practice it allows you to write and compile extensive code in its pickle sauce SDK that lets it play videos in 133x133 resolution (FREAKIN AWESOME), also it allows you to turn up the volume...WOW... unfortunately there's no website because the maker killed himself after realizing he was pregnant...Dont ask, I cant figure it out either...

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