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Problem in a relationship. what to do?

me and my gf are having trouble, she is taurus and very very stubborn and nervous. everything i do is not good for her, i do not feel that she really loves me, she tells me she does, when we fight, her friend told me that she really cries and she keeps on mentioning me all the time when she is with her. but when we are alone she does not show me, and when we are out with mates, she acts as if i do not exist, i need to make the first move for evertyhing. today we are going to talk, what should i do?

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    Her sign has noting to do with it. Some people have commitment issues and that's something that needs counseling

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    you're doing the right thing by talking to her, she probably has a problem expressing herself in public or maybe to you, so ask her what you need to do to get to her emotional side of her.

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