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Does anyone understand what HMO is and what they do and when necessary?

Does this mean someone comes to the house to bath and dress you? I don't need or want that, and even if I did need someone helping me it wouldn't work because I don't hear the door and I have a sleeping disorder so would be asleep when they come. I need help with paperwork and housework however, but it would have to be on the spur of the moment for them to come or almost on the spur because of all the health problems and such that I have .... too hard to answer the door. Any good suggestions? Thanks.

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    HMO's do not have this type of care. There are many other organizations, care givers that offer what you need. Have you contacted your church or even one that you used to attend?

    I know that in my church, there are those who will come out to your home and will help you with miscellaneous odd jobs.

    I am a prayer warrior for my church. When I come across someone needing help, I call the church and offer my services.

    Too bad you don't live close by. S.D., Ca.

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    HMO is a specific type of health plan found in the USA.un like traditional health coverage ,an HMO set's guidelines, under which doctors can operate, it also cost's cheaper than traditional health insurance.HMO negotiates for more affordable health care that the patient would otherwise receive,they also eliminate treatments that the HMO views as unnecessary and by focusing on prevention.. When you join an HMO, you're asked to choose a primary care physician who act's in part HMO Agent in determining what treatments the patient does or does not need.when a patients case is out of reach they give a ref feral to a specialist emergency visits are however exempt, and in many cases women are able to choose an ob/GYN as well.

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    An HMO ( Health Maintenance Organization) is a type of health care plan but does not provide the type of services you seek.

    There are caregiver programs that might. In larger cities there is a better chance of finding something close to your needs. Suggest you consult social services, do a phone book yellow pages search or do an internet search of your community. I found a caregiver facility that came in and service my invalid sister (bathed her, cooked for her and changed her linen).....

    These organizations usually work on a schedule not "on call"

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    I do not know about HMO but in the UK you can have home helps who come and help with house work once a week at a set time. or there are other organizations that can help with paper work etc but you would need appointments and to stick to set times. its more likely to be home care if you need personal care some times they would be given a key if you would not hear the door or be able to answer it but again they would come at set times.

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    An HMO denies your coverage to pay medical bills.

    Hope I helped and good luck

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