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Successful WTO intervention?

I can't find a World Trade Organization intervention that I understand. Could you please point one out to me, or explain one to help me understand clearly? Thanks :)

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    The WTO has successfully intervened in lots of cases - its DSB is probably the most effective and most followed international tribunal in the world. Do you mean in relation to a particular country?

    Generally, examples include the case Australia - Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon in which Australia changed its quarantining policies on uncooked salmonids to comply with the WTO Agreements. As a result of the WTO's ruling in India- Autos, India by terminated its indigenization and accrued export obligations for automobile manufacturers.

    If you were after an example specific to a particular country, I'd be happy to try and think of an example for you on that!

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    WTO is loosing its credential due to Free Trade Agreement whereby in the agreement they do have complementary trading practice. However, she could be a monitoring body for international trade and practice.

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