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is this enough excercise?

okay so i wake up have some ceral and a protein shake and then i walk for about 20-40 mins depends on my mood. and then i come home go to work, and i work in a bakery i'm always moving around no breaks no sitting for 6hrs. and then i come home... and go for another walk for about 40-60 mins. how many calories do you think i'm burning and is this enough excercise? btw i also walk to work and it's about 10 mins each way


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    so they say on average a person burns 100 calories for every mile.. also you have to go by ur weight.. if u have alot of weight or just moderately heavy then yes id say ull see significant weight lose.. but if your average to soft.. id say you might not see more results than a few pounds and more defined leg muscles.. if ur average or soft then i would suggest maybe in the morning do a steady 30 mins of low to high level.. power walk 3 mins then push yourself as hard as you feel like you can go for 3.. do this back and forth.. this is one of the best ways to keep your body burning fat when there isnt alot of fat there! goodluck!

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    you are getting enough exercise no doubt about it..

    for 20 - 40 mins walk u probably burn 300 calories

    u probably burn 250 calories at work easy

    u also probably burn 120 calo each way to work

    but i was going to say... u should also do some resistance work with weightlifting to tone up even more... not just cardio

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