How do you tell a child NO about a certain Christmas gift?

Our 8 yr. old son wants the Furreal Biscuit puppy (stuffed animal for Christmas. He cost $179.99 and is on sale for $149.99 at Toys "R" Us. I think that is outrageous for a stuffed animal. And am spending $300.00 each on our children this year but can't see spending half that on a large stuffed animal. I would rather spend it on something my son will get more use out of like a PSP or Starwars toys or Indiana Jones toys or something along those lines because those are things he enjoys playing with and would probably get more use out of. I've tried explaining to him why he should choose other items he likes and wants but he wants that darn puppy. I hate for him to keep wanting this Biscuit puppy because I don't want him to be disappointed Christmas morning when Santa doesn't bring it and I know at my child's age he probably wont believe in Santa much longer but want him to enjoy it while it last.

Any good advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. He knows theres more to Christmas than just Santa. Because of Jesus and we always donate every year to a giving tree and food drive for needy families.

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    I am in same position as you but its more about how much he has asked for not what. I have told him that I have sent his list and the amount of money we are allowed to send to santa and santa will choose what he gets because nobody ever gets everything on their list.

    Try not to worry kids always ask for loads and I find that in the end they are happy with what they get and the magic of Christmas usually prevails. Like you say you want him to enjoy his last years with santa bless him, -If on Christmas morning he is disappointed maybe you could help him save for it and buy it himself later in the year - you will probably find he changes his mind before long :0)

    good luck - whatever Christmas is supposed to mean we all want to give our kids what they desire - doesn't make us bad parents :0)

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    This should be a wake-up call. Ignore the amount involved even though I know it's hard because it is horrendous. (Talk about the commercialization of Christmas!) The real problem is that you are not an equal partner in your marriage. You don't say if you are a stay-at-home mom. In my opinion that's a full-time job. But even if you are, it seems that your husband doesn't think that your contribution entitles you to an equal vote. I was in the same situation while raising our children. We are now divorced. I went back to school and I am applying to a doctoral program because I promised myself that I would never be so dependent again. Get a job, or get a degree then get a job. It will promote a healthy balance of power in your marriage. And if your marriage ends up not working out, you will be glad that you did.

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    unfortunately santa wasn't able to make enough - maybe for your birthday or next Christmas. or just get him the darned puppy and -- nothing else as you were planning. that's a tough call. he needs to learn that you don't always get what you want BUT he also needs to learn that sometimes you really need to think through that for which you ask. you are truly between a rock and a hard place - sorry i doubt i was much help!

  • If thats what he really wants then why not make him happy this Christmas and get it for him. Or get him a real puppy. If it was out of your budget I could understand, but its not. As for something like a PSP....I had a guy come and buy my nintendo ds for his 10 year old because she had it stolen from here and another person email me about it because his 12 year old lost one and broke the replacement. An 8 year old isnt responsible enough for something like that.

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  • Anonymous
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    well dont get him the PSP, my eight year old sister cant even find hers but I would just get him like a special bike or scooter or something big and completly amazing to make him forget about the dam puppy. Perhaps a real dog. it will convince him santa had something else in mind that he "Knew" he would love.

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    I asked my children to make wish lists, and some of the things on there were just TOO expensive. I looked at the list and told them that they will get SOME of thethings on the list but not to expect everything. They both said to me, Well Mom, we know it is a 'wish' list. (age 12 and 5).

    Your son is certainly old enough to understand "We will get you things that will make you happy, but it is not always possible for you to have everything that you would like". Not just in terms of Christmas lists, but in terms of everything in everyday is an ongoing thing that you need to instill continually.

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    If it's what he really wants, and it's within your budget, why not get it?

    Just level with him and tell him it's not Santa that brings gifts, it's you. Give him the choice of getting the dog and little else, or choosing several less-expensive things.

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