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Need help with a floater?

Well have gotten to the point where I want to do floaters and have looked online at several videos and written descriptions but Im having trouble in one aspect of doing a floater. Ill catch a wave no problem do a few turns and then when I see a section that looks like its going to close out I pump down the line and go up like a 45 degree angle. Every time I get to the top of the wave as its starting to close out, the closeout overpowers me and I cant get on top of the breaking portion of the wave, instead I get bounced backward off the wave and onto my back in front of the wave. Anyone ever have this same problem and over come it. Hopefully there is something simple I am missing here. Thanks for your help

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    if you do a floater like you are going down the line, you're going to continue to go over the falls quickly. when you get up top, you have to angle your board toward the back of the wave a little bit. that little bit of angle is going to keep you going on your floater longer and help you avoid that push that comes with the wave breaking. think of this---when you are duck diving in the impact zone---the same push that comes for the wave there, is the same push thats going to push you over the falls if you just try to go straight across the top (trying to do the floater). you'll need some good speed too...

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    Practice and you are getting there too late. If the closeout is pushing you back down before you get on top you are trying it to late. You can go up suprisingly early and let it happen underneath you...but its all gonna take practice! And dont just try them on closeouts, try little sections along the wave too.

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    you are pretty much getting the concept, but like john f said, all you have to really do is practiace.i used to have the same problem maybe 5 and a half years ago. its good that you are at an angle and make sure you get more speed. keep at the angle until you get to the edge of the lip, and then keep the speed up. practice because thats what i did and now i got it

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    i would check that out

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