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Who will the employees of the Big Three automotive companies blame if the government allows them to fail?

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    The CEOs of the Big Three who for years pocketed obscene salaries and bonuses without doing the research required to keep our once great motor industry at its peak. The Japanese with their more highly paid work force were able to make the necessary transition to move with the times so why couldn't we?

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    The only one the Big Three should blame is themselves. It's amazing how the 3 CEO's of the Big Three come to Washington with their private jets costing a $20,000 commute and more, expensive business suits, million to billion dollar homes, their salaries plus perks exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars and now they are pleading poverty to Washington looking for a handout like they need Welfare Assistance. Give Me a Break.

    In addition, these executives for the past years, have made ineffiecient cars for the past 40 years that they are undesireable in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East as well as make cars in developing countries at a fraction of the price and keeping their huge profits as well as getting tax breaks.

    In addition, the auto workers union has also been mute on the economy with unreasonable wages and perks as well.

    I say that if the government does some kind of bailout, the first thing is that all the CEO's and highly paid executives for the last 10-20 years, pay back their lavious wages and perks. Second, the government should take over the operations and fire the current CEO's or better yet throw them in jail.

    As far as the workers are concerned, the current union and officials need to be scraped, since we cannot compete with foreign imports.

    In addition, if they cannot make a good quality car that is sellable here and abroad, then why bother.

    In any case, if the Big Three go out of business, so be it.

    There are more foreign companies employing American workers than the Big Three combined.

    Good bye American cars, hello Japanese, European and Asian imports.

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    If the government 'allows' them to fail? Since they are close to bankruptcy already, they can safely already be said to have failed.

    Executives are slow to blame themselves, they will blame the unions, the pensions, the cost of steel, never will they blame their own decisions and oddly enough their cost cutting programs that led them to take jobs out of the country.

    No Mexicans went and bought cars, they weren't making enough.

    So the company cost jobs here that weren't replaced with jobs that allowed people to afford expensive cars, and the Mexican workers couldn't buy the product they built.

    Way to go America.

    Unions have engaged in many give backs and are no where near as powerful as they once were. A strong middle class made us great, unions gave us broad wealth, with the decline of union jobs came economic losses as we concentrated wealth in the hands of a few.

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    They will of course blame the government. It couldn't be the company's fault or the union's.

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    The Republicans.

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    George Bush.

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    anyone but the actual people responsible (themselves)

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