My two best friends hate each other! How can I change their mind, so we can do things together?

Our friendship started when we worked at the same company. Those two left and didn't like each other too much at work, probably due to misunderstandings of gestures and statements. hmm. hard to say. But I like both a lot and now that both left work, I miss them and would like to organise things, like meeting up for a Christmas party. How can I make them like each other?

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    1 decade ago
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    That is probably an impossible task to complete. People either like each other, or they don't. There may just be a clash in personalities and there is nothing that you can do about that. If you think about what attracts us to our friends then you may be able to understand your circumstance a little bit more. We are attracted to our friends the same way we are attracted to our mates. We attract our opposites most of the time, which would mean that both of your friends are opposite of you and therefore probably a lot alike. There may be competition there, or jealousy. You may be able to talk them into doing a night out with the 3 of you together just to see if they can tolerate each other for your sake, but I wouldn't expect them to be close friends. Maybe if you can get them to the point to just be civil to each other they may see that the other isn't so bad after all.

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