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my baby will be 4mths 2morrow can i start her baby food.she was born 25 days premature but she is normal in ?

body weight.

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  • Malia
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    You might want to ask your pediatrician about this since she was premature. But if you just want to try something, try watered down oatmeal or rice cereal. Make it runny and try tiny spoonfuls of it. If she gags or doesn't seem to like it, let it go for the time being.

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  • Nicky
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    This is exactly the type of thing you should be discussing with your pediatrician. Being born 3 weeks early doesn't make her premature (by the way), anything after 37 weeks is considered term. On average the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants begin solid foods between 4 and 6 months of age. Call your pedia and leave a message for them to call you back in reference to starting solids and discuss the issue. She/he can let you know what the statistical evidence suggests, what she/he thinks and give you some advice on where/what to start if indeed you'll be starting her.

  • Anonymous
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    Why do you want to?

    Forcing solids down a tiny baby's throat does not make them more advanced. But it might make them allergic or diabetic - regardless of whether they appear to enjoy the solids.

    Wait until milk is clearly not enough for your baby - and, if she is still under 6 months corrected age at that point, consult your doctor first. There are serious risks associated with giving solids before six months, and, unless your baby has other medical issues such as reflux, no advantages to it whatsoever. The World Health Organisation recommends giving nothing but milk for the first six months.

    Sure, some people will tell you they did it and their baby was fine. My son ran across the road once and he was fine too. Doesn't make it safe.

  • My son was born 2 month and 1 week early and he started baby food at 3 months old. He had been eating rice cereal for every feeding since he was 8 weeks because of GERD so he was ready, but if I were you I would ask your Pedi. My son's Pedi said if he could eat it off a spoon, then he was ready to have it. But all Docs are different.

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  • Volks
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    It's much better to wait until 6 months even with full-term babies, but especially with ones born a little early.

    Hold off until about 6 months. This will give the baby's stomach more time to mature to be able to handle solids better, and she'll be much less likely to have allergies to anything.

    Keep breastfeeding (or feeding formula if you're not breastfeeding) for a while longer.

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    As long as your baby can sit up on her own you can start now! My son wasn't even 4 months old when we started on baby food and he has never had one problem or allergy or whatever other junk people like to say about starting to feed babies before 6 months old. He eats better (and more things!) than any 2.5 year old I've even known or heard of. He will eat shepard's pie, taco's, bologna sandwiches, ham sandwiches, hot meatball subs, cheeseburgers on a bun, chicken any way you make it, he eats every sauce known to man (especially BBQ sauce), he eats potato's any way you make them (baked, mashed, fries, seasoned, wedges, etc.), he eats every vegetable there is (even broccoli!), he eats every fruit there is, and the list just goes on and on! And he has eaten half of these things since he was 12 months old, and has eaten the full amount of those things since 2 years old. And he can eat peanut butter and everything else with no allergies or problems.

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  • ?
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    You're always encouraged to seek medical advice if you're thinking of weaning before 6 months. Why do you want to wean early? Generally the digestive system isn't mature enough until 6 months.

  • Sassy
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    Not if she was prem, no

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