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do you think love is dangerous?

i mean to a point?

really when you think about it, its the most powerful emotion in the world...

it can make you sad, angry, give you depression, happy, joyful etc

it can make you do silly things if you think about it.

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    i can be heaven but it can be hell

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    Its clear that 'tenacious j' needs a paradigm shift. Yes love is a powerful emotion, but it shouldn't be confused with sadness, anger, depression, infact love does not make you sad, angry or depressed. Because you love, you want things to fall in place/ dont want to get hurt, but when things do turn upside down, this is when you feel like you've hit rock-bottom.

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    No love is not dangerous, it's infectious!

    if you give love , you get love,

    it can be a risk, but not dangerous.

    It is a powerful emotion, but if it is real love it should only bring happiness and contentment.

    the pain is caused by love being abused, and by jealousy, and insecurity and many other emotions, not love

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    Have you ever seen a bull elephant after losing its mate??

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    love does not exsist. it is simply an illusion of the mind used to fill the need to be wanted. thats it. its not real. it always ends.

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    it is dangerous & love does exist

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