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Help!!! Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.Can't enter license nor activation key.?

i have just purchased (not really i; my uncle gifted it to me for my birthday) Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. After installing it, i went to put the license key but nothing appeared in the box where i was typing the code nor i can paste it when i copied from MS Word. i told it to my uncle, he told me to contact Corel. i would have contacted Corel for this but i don't know how to. please can anyone help me?..tell me how to put the license key or how to contact Corel. Thanks a lot!...and sorry for my english.

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    perhaps there is a problem in your keyboard...i guess so... :(.sorry can't tell more..Good luck man!

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    if you bought it you should be able to contact the coral company and they will be able to give you the code . they have an 800 number on their home page .

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