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she has a cell phone, a purple apple computer, and she is 5, i have both those but im 12, my mom says that everything has to be fair, cause a bout a year ago my mom would not get anything for me and only for my sister, and i asked her to get me some things too and the whole "FAIR" thing came along.....

is this right?

what should i do about it?

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    isn't she too young for a cell phone? Probably your mom is trying to be fair , but she actually is not, shes giving the younger one too much attention over you? You should ask your mom about this, or probably tell your dad?

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    Well I would say you are both somewhat spoiled, I don't think its Wise for any child to have their own computer in there room. and a 5 yr old does not need a phone! a 12 yr old I can see ,so your parents can always get in touch with you no matter where you are, so that is good. I don't think a 5 yr should have the same thing as a 12 yr old with age comes more responsibilities and rewards. my 13 yr old as a phone he got it at 12 my, 7 yr old wants one and we tell him when your 12 you will get one. so no that's not right! did you have a phone at 5? I doubt it and that is not fair! good luck I don't think there is much you can do but try to talk to your mom Good Luck.

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    Let me just say this... MIDDLE CHILD SYNDROME! This is what I had as a child and still have now at 26... My older sister always got what she wanted coz she was old enough and my younger sister got away with stuff and got stuff coz like your mum says "it's only fair" ARGH!!!

    I don't think either of you need cell phones at your ages and 1 computer for the house is enough. All a 5 year old knows how to do with a computer is watch shows and play basic games... She should be outside playing or dancing or doing a sport. As should you when you aren't busy doing homework or at school. Maybe at 15-16 when you start going to movies and shops without a parental escort, you can have a phone. I would think myself lucky if I even got my own new clothes as apposed to hand me downs from my sister. Speak to your mum about it. If your old enough for a phone, your old enough for an adult chat about things.

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    not fair, but as the older sibs we seem to clear the way for the younger ones. They always get more privileges then we did at that age.

    When I was still living at home I had to get a job at 14 years old to get things like school clothes b/c my mom could not afford to buy for 4 kids. My sibs always ended up with closets full of clothes that were new...somehow mom found the money for THEM. I did not have a cell phone until I was over 18 years old. My sis had one at like 14 years old

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    You have an apple computer EACH? Don't complain, be grateful that your parents can afford to buy you things like that. If, in fact, it is your mothers affection towards your sister that is unfair, then discuss this honestly and maturely with her (don't sulk or whine, just ask if you can have a chat with her, without your sister.) It may be just because your sister is the younger one.

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    i individually think of that your sister is insecure to somebody. it might desire to be you. She could be insecure because of fact she lacks a number of your skills and subsequently she's inflicting a cut back to rubble on your loved ones. basically seem how she have become spoiled for those previous days. you stated she's candy, precise? without notice this got here approximately... there could be a reason of this. you're able to additionally locate it out. it is extremely complicated to blame your parents considering the fact that they're the parents of your sister. parents in many circumstances think of it is their fault their baby has grow to be 'mentally retarded'.. or perchance another ailment because of fact they're the only that extra them into this international. i individually think of which you're able to communicate one-on-one on your sister. seek advice from her with situation and heavily. tell her that what she's doing is misguided and abusing her ailment(like turning out to be to be spoiled because of fact she knows that everybody favors her) isn't precise. additionally tell her which you're basically worried for her. tell her that if she maintains to act this way, she would have the capacity to no longer bypass to heaven additionally so she could substitute now. It says in the bible to "love your acquaintances as your self". What she's doing is misguided. She's abusing you adult males and playing jokes at you. additionally.. if she nevertheless do no longer substitute... basically pray for is her fault if she'll boost up that way. It won't likely help her, it's going to make her go through. i'm hoping you will get out of your difficulty real speedy.

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    If your sister has what you have, then how is she any more spoiled than you are?

    What the hell is a 5 year old going to do with a computer anyway?

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    but your spoiled to. you may need a computer for school here and there, but what are you gonna do with a cell phone? how many calls are you gonna make?

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    You asked "What should I do about it?" and my answer to that question is STOP YOUR WHINING.

    I think it is absurd that a five year old or a twelve year old would have a cell phone and a computer.

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    What the hell would a FIVE year old want with a cell phone?

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