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What do you mean by "indie music"?

You see in the 1970s indie was short for independent - which was to say that an "indie" band meant a band that was on one of the smaller independent record labels. But now, a number of young people of my acquaintance lay claim to enjoying indie music but none have actually been able to define what means in modern parlance. Having listened to a little of my Goddaughter's (alleged) indie collection I would describe it a rather poor hip hop with a leaning towards a club genre - certainly you would need a captive audience on drugs to enjoy it. However I would be glad of a proper definition if anyone knows?

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    The thing is, indie music isn't really defineable. However, the majority of it is signed to smaller record labels. For example, the Arctic Monkeys are signed to Domino records - a small label from England. This is a good quote relating to indie music, "Indie rock is like pornography in a way: most people can't tell you exactly what it is, but they know it when they see it."

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    Indie has somewhat been corrupted nowadays. You're right in saying that indie is independent which means that a band or singer is not signed or signed into a small record company.

    I can say that indie music today has been corrupted. Indie wasn't supposed to be a type of music. It wasn't supposed to be a sound or genre. But today, a lot people confuse it with alternative. Also, a lot people just classify it as different and unpopular.

    Whatever indie is today, the ideal sound of it is what Death Cab for Cutie sounds like.

    But then again, indie in truth is not a genre of music but rather a term that's SUPPOSED to be associated with a singer/band's record label.

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    im 19 and think of it as independent. maybe not technically speaking with the record label and such but having an independent style. its pretty tricky to define i think, like i wouldnt call your goddaugters collection indie.

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    conceptually indie is independent, in case of music it was suppouse to be music with mixes of different waves and totally different to common tracks. i think indie has changed now to emo culture.

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