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how can u make the tips of your hair healthier?

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    the only way is to have them cut off! Get regular trims and use an intensive conditioner once a week to help prevent the damage in the 1st place. Also, detangle wet hair with a wide tooth comb, gently - never use a brush or lots of force!

    I also find using Frizz ease serum on wet hair helps to smooth ends of hair.

    Good luch!

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    • If your tips aren't healthy right now, cut them off and start fresh. There are many products on the market that claim to repair split ends or damaged hair, but there is no such thing as literally "repairing" hair. It only gets glued to itself and still looks dead, in my opinion.

    • Once you're surgery's done, keep the healthy ends clean and *moisturised*. It doesn't matter how oily your natural hair is--don't dry it out completely without doing something to replenish its moisture. You might just use a lighter or heavier product depending on how active your scalp is at creating oil. By the way, the safest ingredient is jojoba (the plant oil closest to human sebum), but I encourage you to try different essential oil-based products.

    • Avoid too much sun and/or chemicals (including sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, or "SLS" which is in most shampoos, sadly). Try some different hair products with a focus on natural ingredients and decide which one is right for you.

    • It should go without saying, but eat healthy. :)

    You need a reasonable amount of protein (be careful: too much protein causes calcium loss!!!), minerals and vitamins. Your hair, skin and nails are all fighting for about the same nutrients, too. So you could get triple the benefit from improving your diet.

    Good luck!

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    MAYONAISSE I probably didn't spell that right. Just dip the tips in mayo. DON'T PUT IT ALL OVER YOUR HEAD, IT'S HARD TO GET OUT!! But your ends will be pretty and shiny!

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