all girls in the house see each other naked...?

ok, so my friend was telling me about her family the other day, and she told me that her, her mom and her younger sister see each other naked all the time, like its normal they don't lock the door to the bathroom for anything, well after she turned 18 she moved out cuz of family problems and is now living with her godmother and 2 younger god sisters... the family is very close to her, like a new family pretty much, and she told me that they see eachother nude too (not the dad though only girls) like she had to wax to go to the beach and she was sitting next to her godmother and they were both nude waxing themselves... not to mention the two younger god sisters were in the same room.. is this weird?? or is it just a family girl thing that girls do often.. i dont get it and it seems so weird and nasty to me because im a guy and would never get naked like that

im just curious is this normal???


haha no i wasnt at the house at the same time, i was on video cam with her when the waxing thing came up though... i could hear them talking while doing it as if they were at a baseball game or something... it was so weird but she tells me its nothing its just the way that they are but idk.. it seems weird to me...

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    well,every thing's possible in this world now! but it isn't normal...or maybe i think so...this seems to be a big lie,but i don't say it's impossible. maybe sometimes sisters are going to be like that(maybe,cuz i don't have a sis/brother!),but not always well,the thing i can't stand is that if her family is really like that,so why is she telling it to a boy?

    isn't that way tooo mean?! but be sure that this is not usual in girls,so don't be afraid of them!!LOL.

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    Dude what is wrong with that. the question is are they all hot looking. So u are saying with all the hot women walking around and u were visiting, you would be scared? This would be most men's dreams. So she was on cam doing the waxing with her godmother sitting there. Some people are that comfortable with themselves,that they are not afraid to show or think what others are afraid of. You might be the luckiest man thou. Your friend seems to be a really good person to in-trust you with the information. She trust you a lot.

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    It depends! They're obviously a very close family! For some reason, women tend to be much more comfortable about getting undressed in front of each other, etc. than men would. With men, its a macho thing. Maybe her family are naturists, have you ever thought of that? If that is the case then it would come naturally to them to sit around stark naked all day!

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    it's possible

    I grew up in a family of 5. four girls, one boy (middle child at that too). I'm the youngest, but anyways, all us girls had to share a room and yes there were times where we would see each other naked but not like anything you are describing above. Once we hit puberty I think that all changed.. almost as if we were too embarassed to show our bodies. I know my mom was always like "you've got the same thing as I do" but to me.. it's just awkwardly abnormal to be flaunting your body around your family

    but it is definitely possible

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  • Olivia
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    What's unusual about it? My family's never had an issue with skin. Being naked isn't a big deal, it's not weird and it's certainly not "nasty".

    We are a female dominated family though, which I suppose makes a difference.

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    Yeah, course. Gotta see the competition.

    Lol only kidding its all girls so no ones really bothered

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    Well my family isn't like that so it probably isn't too normal but its possible. But if she doesn't fell comfortable than its not normal!

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    she is lie-ing to you i guess not possible

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    it is possible

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