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Sabiki(Apollo) Brand recommendation ?

Can any Fisherman recommend me a good Sabiki(Apollo) Brand for Fishing which is available in Singapore ? Please recommend me Brands of Sabiki which you have tried before and works very effectively. Please give me the important details of the Recommended Sabiki so that i can buy the correct one. Thanks a million for your time and attention :)

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    hey man, i dont know if they are available in singapore but i know that there are walmarts all over the world so they might carry them there. the sabiki rig that i like the best is the original brand "sabiki" there are alot of companies that make """sabiki""" rigs but they call them bait fish rigs. sabiki brand is the best one that i have used. i use two that they make. all depending on where i am fishing depends on which one i use. if freshwater i use the one that has lil feather lookin rigs on the hooks. if fishing saltwater they make a rig with lil fake shrimp. when i use the shrimp one i get a shrimp and cut it up into tiny pieces and tip the hooks with real shrimp.. i have used the feather ones in saltwater too and it works well but not as good as the fake shrimp one. the way that i cast them out all depends on how i am fealing. sometimes i like to use them with a small ounce weight if i am going to fish it straight down from a pier or boat and if i want to cast it out and try a little deeper water i drop a 3 ounce weight on it and throw it out and let the tide move the lil shrimp around. man i hope this helps you out a bit. good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

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