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I have very curly hair (VERY CURLY like and i am growing it back?

I have very curly hair (VERY CURLY like and i am growing it back long again but i just want the process to be alot quicker. What can i do for this type of hair, to make it grow faster and stop the breakage?

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    Nothing, and I mean *nothing* can make your hair grow quicker than it's supposed to grow. On average, hair grows 1/2 inch per month or 6 inches per year. How quickly your hair grows depends on your DNA, and nothing can change what your DNA has specified. Most people will fall within the average, though. With tightly curled hair it will always look shorter than it actually is. That's just how it is with curly hair, whether you have loose curls or tight curls. Tighter curls will always experience more shrinkage than looser curls.

    The breakage is your main problem and this is what you should work on most and foremost. Your hair isn't going to get longer if it keeps breaking off at the ends. If your hair is breaking off then your not retaining length because you're negating your new growth. Hair breakage can also make your hair shorter. Your hair might be growing at a very good rate, but you'll never see that length if it keeps breaking off.

    You'll have to try some deep conditioning treatments and a protein treatment once in a while. Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise is an example of a protein treatment. It makes your hair stronger, but your hair may or may not like protein. Also, try deep conditioning with an anti-breakage forumla. You should deep condition once a week if you're experiencing a lot of breakage.

    Make sure you're not doing anything to cause this breakage. If you're using heat regularly then I'd suggest you stop immediately because heat causes breakage and heat damage can be irrepariable. Make sure your hair is very moisturized because dry hair can become brittle and break off. Keep your scalp clean, and never use grease. Grease clogs your pores and *hampers* hair growth. You can oil your scalp with a natural oil like jojoba oil if you have a constantly dry scalp. Jojoba oil mimics the hair's natural oil, sebum. Massage your scalp every night for about 5 minutes. This opens the pores and circulates the blood which *promotes* hair growth.

    You have to focus on length retention because your hair isn't going to get longer if it keeps breaking off.

    Oh, and I'd never compare my beautiful curls to a sheep.

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    Keep it well moistured. Get a Moisture therapy shampoo/conditioner and leave in conditioner, there is a tablet our there that assists with nails and hair growth, not sure about if it works but u could give it a try.

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    first eat healthy

    # mix castor oil + coconut oil

    and apply it for four hours once a week

    # apply mayonnaise on your hair for one hours once a week to deep condition it

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