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how to get long hair? ?

i cut my hair to my ears about 3 years ago and its too my shoulders! it should be way longer but im half black and my hair grows super slow..how can i make it grow faster

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    sorry but you can't make your hair grow any faster than it does that's genetics for you. however you can try helping it stay healthy as it grows and maximize the growth cycle by taking a daily vitamin for hair skin and nails, eating healthy (lots of protein), exercising 3 times a week, don't brush your hair when it's wet, and avoid product and buildup. that should help a lot.

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    Hair skin and Nails tablets are meant to help hair growth. Also avoid washing it too often, excessive harsh brushing, have regular trims (yes trims - gets rid of the split ends which cause hair growth to slow down), and just generally keep it in good condition. Thats all you really can do im afraid x

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