Help! How can I get an O.V. card as an American studying in the Netherlands???! ?

i am already going to school in Breda and travel from there to Tilburg. I cant afford the train and bus any more and really cant find information on how to get some type discounts here!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    You can only get a Student OV kaart if you qualify for a student grant, and therefore meet the below conditions:

    Full-time students may apply for a student grant, which includes a student travel card (OV-studentenkaart). Applicants must meet the following requirements:

    - A citizen of an EU or EEA country

    - A full-time student on a higher education course in the Netherlands which is eligible for a student grant

    - At least 32 hours of employment per month

    - An employment contract for that work

    - Under the age of 30 when you apply for a student grant (you may continue to receive the grant up until you turn 34, but only if the period during which you receive the grant is uninterrupted)

    - hold a Dutch bank account in your own name.

    If not then you have to apply to the Informatie Beheer Groep. for consideration as special circumstances

    However getting this is not a simple process. When applying for a student visa (assuming you are non-EU) you would have had to prove that you could afford to live in the Netherlands as a condition. Secondly there are admin hurdles which make it difficult as you can see in the below posts

    However, if you don't ask, then you will never know - so give it a go of course.

    P.S. - note, the OV studentcard and OV chipcard are different things. Anyone can get a monthly discount card (just go to your local railway station). A studentcard means you get free travel in either the week or the weekend.

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    Just go to the information desk at any station and ask for information about abonnementen. Even if you don't speak any dutch, I've never met one of the info people who doesn't speak English. They work on the principle of zones - one star adds one zone of travel to your travel card. I've no idea how many zones between Breda and Tilburg, but I'd guess it'll cost you between 125 and 180 euros per month.

    has an Dutch and English language pages.

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