My digital camera isn't working?

My Canon Pwershot A85 seems to have a nasty fault - all the still pictures I take have started to come out with almost no colour, and lots of horizontal white lines across the picture. Doesn't matter what setting, or light levels, or zoom or no zoom - happened once before a month ago, then corrected itself, now is back again. The video function still works. Is it repairable, any ideas?


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  • Pey
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Physical repair of most electronic devices is cost prohibitive as it is less expensive to replace.

    Digital cameras require lots of power. Bad electrical contacts can cause lots of problems so battery and camera contacts must be cleaned properly. Batteries may be fully charged, but will be viewed as low if contacts are not really good. The LCD screen is a low steady load, but when lens extension, optical zoom, focus, and flash charging are added in the capture mode; the load is very heavy. Bad contacts make cameras do strange things like making bad pictures or shutting off with the lens out.

    The ultimate non-physical repair for DVD players and other software-using digital devices is reset by removing power up to one month. Digital cameras reset to original settings if batteries are removed. Time required varies with function and camera. Try one minute. Check display and setup menu for non-auto functions and date/time. Remove extra memory to eliminate this as a possible problem. Insert fully charged batteries and restart the camera.

    I found a function on my camera called Adaptive Lighting which was accidental turned on. Noticed that my camera was reporting batteries low with a good battery installed. Turned off the Adaptive Lighting and the battery was no longer reported as low.

    Click the source link for other camera tips and help with making digital cameras work better.

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