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Why did Jesus (as) and his followers fast 40 days? What did his followers ask of him? Why was it wrong?


When the disciples said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary, is thy Lord able to send down to us a table spread with food from heaven? He said, 'Fear Allah, if you are believers.' [5:112]

They said, 'We desire that we may eat of it, and that our hearts may be at rest and that we may know that thou hast spoken the truth to us, and that we may be witness thereto.' [5:113]

Said Jesus, son of Mary, 'O Allah, our Lord, send down to us a table from heaven spread with food that it may be to us a festival, to the first of us and to the last of us and a Sign from THeE; and provide sustenance for us, for THOU art the Best of Sustainers.' [5:114]

Allah said, 'Surely I will send it down to you; but whosoever of you disbelieves afterwards - I will surely punish them with a punishment wherewith I will not punish any other of the peoples.' [5:115]

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    In Christian theology, I believe He was alone, in the desert and ate nothing but locusts and honey, or something like that, while the devil tempted him. Fasting is a tradition in all faiths. Yes, as someone pointed out, we celebrate lent, where we give up something we like but that isn't good for us for 40 days. Like, chocolate, swearing or smoking. More pious Christians will add a prayer in addition to giving something up. For example, in my family, we would couldn't just give up chocolate, it had to be all junk food, plus a bad habit (interrupting, swearing, back talking, etc.) plus we had to say all the evening prayers in the morning too. That won't sound too awful to a Muslim, but it was hard for me as a child, as most of my friends didn't even give one thing up, let alone so much. Everyone is required to do this, once they are old enough to understand (5 or 6 years old) and as long as it won't adversely affect their health (monthly cycle doesn't count).

    Still more pious Christians will fast any time of year when they feel they have sinned majorly or if they are asking for something important. (Just as Muslims do.) These people may eat something (plain bread is common) but if they do, they don't eat a lot of it, one or two slices a day. Water is allowed. Also, you aren't allowed to complain about fasting, but you have to smile and act happy. But this fasting goes day and night, no break for a set period of time, decided on before the beginning of the fast.

    I don't know what was wrong with the poster that slammed Islamic fasting. They obviously haven't tried it, it's HARD to go without water all day.

    I wish I could have understood your question better. Feel free to e-mail me if you have further questions, I'll try to answer.

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    I think he refused to eat bread for 40 days to prove his faithfulness to God, and his believers told him that he should've eaten the bread, because he may have caused all the hunger in the world. Or something like that. I'm not sure!

    I read the Grand Inquisitor by Dostoevsky. *-*

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    I asked about Christians fasting in R&S once. The Christians said it is not mandatory for them; they only do it if they feel like it. Some said it is for Catholics only (Catholic was the 1st original church) but it's not true because *some* Protestants fast as well, if they feel like it. Their fast is called Lent and they give up something they like for 40 days.

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    After Moses took all Jews out of Egypt to the desert of Sini, God called Moses to the top of Mt. Sini. There God had Moses fast for 40 days, gave him spiritual training and handed him ten commanded carved on stone slats.

    Jesus did fast being a Jew and was supposed to follow the religion and practices of Moses.

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    What are you asking really? Nothing Jesus did was wrong. He was sinless. He fasted for 40 days, meaning NO FOOD. He didn't fast like Muslims do during certain hours only.

    Christians fast and pray as we are called to do. We don't do it as a ritual. We do it to feel closer to God, to humble ourselves, not to gain brownie points.

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    They had food shortages!! Logic man, think!!!

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