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Is this fair? my brother not paying rent?

I'm 19, he's 16. His left school and doesn't work full time, he hasn't gone to college so my parents don't get the child benefit money anymore.I'm in college part time and looking for a full time job, I'm finding it hard to get one so gone on job seeker benefit, which is £50 a week till I get job.

Anyway, my parents expect me to pay them £10 out of my money each week! and they don't expect my brother to pay anything though he gets £60 a week and he doesn't go to college or do anything most of the week. Is this fair? i said I won't pay any rent unless my brother does as well.


Ms. L. My brother is out in the real world! I totally understand if he went to college but he didn't. He isn't in a buble like most people his age are so thats just rubbish

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    If the above is genuine (which I doubt all of it appears like a sob tale to me), you're paying too plenty. communicate on your parents, objective to the two pay much less or do fewer chores. you will the two earnings funds or time it is not going you will gain the two. don't be aggressive yet be lifelike. Do your parents choose the money? Do they choose you too do the chores? Do they only no longer comprehend how plenty you do around the domicile besides as pay? handle those subject concerns. Remind them which you're no longer searching for a handout, yet you're attempting to get began in existence and which you're feeling they're bleeding you dry. perchance you're able to desire to attain some form of compromise. you're saying you're working 70 hours a week, however in case you artwork in McDonalds that would desire to be some sturdy funds and that provides you some bargaining means and if all else fails flow out. you're earning better than sufficient to pay your man or woman way noticeably in case you progression in mutually with your female chum and pay expenses as a pair. back don't be aggressive, yet make it sound like the "blatantly obvious" answer on your parents.

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    He's still a minor. Once he turns 18 that might change.

    But either way, I can't believe your parents charge any of you rent at all. My family would never do that. Is this what America has devolved to? Treating our sons and daughters as tenants, instead of family?

    edit: just saw you're not in america... but it still applies. Families are supposed to take care of eachother. If you couldn't pay, would they kick you out on the street? Would they let you be homeless? If so that's just messed up.

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    your brother is still a child by law, and you are an adult. Dont worry about what your brother does and just take care of yourself. If he doesnt want to make something out of himself then thats on him. ont worry about him. He will probably still be living with Mom and Dad by the time he's 30.

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    Yes its fair. Your 19, LEGALLY an adult and your parents are probably just trying to prepare you for the real world outside of their home. Your brother is still a minor. They are still supposed to take care of him for 2 more years.

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    Your living arrangement is between you and your parents; your brother's is between him and your parents. Neither has anything to do with the other. Your parents have a right to set whatever rules they like in their home. And you have the right to leave if you don't like it. Your choice.

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    16's a little young to be asking rent from but considering the circumstances, that's not fair at all.

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