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What do you think of this solution to eliminating tied games in the nfl-field goal kick from 30 yd line?

KEEP IN MIND ITS A 40 YARD FIELD GOAL----nfl should have realized that tied games are a real detriment.--but when u have a senile commissioner this is what happens.---remember who posted this first it will likely be an emergency new ruling asap.--have the kicker with a holder kick in a shoot-out fashion like hockey.--the first kicker that misses in his round-the team loses-simple--post if you agree or if u have a better idea


ties are a loss--for 2 teams.-oh and by the way superbowls and playoff games cant end in a tie.- then -neither should reg games.--and the fact that reg season game creates 2 losers not 1 makes no sense.--my goodness people are thick

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    Why doesn't the NFL just adopt the NCAA football overtime rules. That way the game has to end with a winner.

    Instead of starting at the opponent's 25, teams start at the opponent's 40. And just like in college football, starting in the 3rd OT teams have to go for 2 when they score a TD. This would make NFL OT a lot more exciting.

    How many college football OT games were instant classics? Tons....

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    Ties are extremely rare - the one yesterday was the first in six years. There is no need for an additional tie breaker of any type much less something relying on the kicker. Neither of the teams yesterday deserved to win. Hockey and soccer are inherently different than football in that there used to be a lot of ties which often lead teams to play for a tie rather than trying to win. Football significantly reduced the number of ties when they went to the current format.

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    That's as bad as the shootout in hockey. Wins and loses shouldn't be based off 1 guy unrelated to the rest of the game. Since you said let the kickers decide it sounds like the kicker and holder would be the only ones involved with no defense or anyone else on offense. Ties are so rare anyways its not a big deal.

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