ladies what do u do when ur husband/fiance ?

watches u sleep at night and sees all the strange things u do like last night i supposably rapped my leg around him and started humping him and asked him if he liked it i dont remember tho lol thats the thing ....omgg i was embarrased this morning when he tld me and was like who were you dreamin about... and remember us pregnant women have wierd dreams i no i been having some crazii dreams lately but there some i should remember that i dont has and of u ladies had this problem


lol no my fiance didnt like it he thinks i was dreaming of somebody else lolz i hope i didnt say a name or nething ughh if i did thats y hes probably mad

Update 2:

ya we laugh about it alot then he tells me wait till i dream about somebody ughh that got me mad lol

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    I keep having very sexy dreams and moaning and groaning in my sleep (so i'm informed).

    It doesn't embarrass me as i have no control over what i dream about, and my husband and i just laugh about it in the morning.

    Try and chill out and laugh it off, one day you'll look back at this and find it hilarious x

  • 1 decade ago

    Lol! Well I dont sleep at night seeing as Im 36 weeks and huge so Im ususally the one watching him sleep, even though snoring with his mouth open isn't that thrilling! Even before I got pregnant though I used to try and put my hands in his boxers in my sleep, quite often! He never minded though but I didnt remember doing it at all!

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    Hah aww, i've had em! Weirdly i would dream of doing it and it felt so good toooo, but my husband's a heavy sleeper so it was usually me waking up and telling him abt it, ad he would always ask me was it him i was doing it with or someone else lol just tell him its hormones going crazy

  • don't worry my other half recorded me snoring a few months back!

    He says i pop bubbles in my throat too lol

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  • lol...I used to me told I talk in my sleep and have entire conversations...not just by my husband either.

  • zoe
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    1 decade ago

    lol. did ur husband/fiance say he did not like it? cuz i'm sure he enjoyed that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this is obvious post horans syndrome.

    You need to get him a psychiatrist, im sorry but it means your husband was probably abused as a child.

    look up anal wink in wikipedia

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