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How Can I have electroshock therapy?

I want electroshock therapy because I heard it helps with depression so how can I get it?


Ive been on anti depressant but I feel its not strong enough.

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    Electroshock therapy is usually reserved as a treatment for people where many, many treatments, have failed, or it is an emergency (the person is intensely suicidal) or it is a pregnant woman or some other situation where they can't take meds. Electroshock is considered to be effective in about 80% of patients, a much higher percentage than any other treatment. It will not last though - only a month or so, so you either have to take meds to maintain the recovery, or you need to go back to the hospital once a month or slightly more often for maintenance ECT.

    ECT did not work for me at all and I consider it to be one of the most horrible experiences of my life, and I have gone thru horrible things already like incest, so it was pretty awful - I do keep things in perspective and am not exaggerating. However, not everyone has as bad a time as I did. I apparently had to have staff hold me down while they injected me with Haldol to keep me from running away because I had awakened with such confusion about where I was. I was given Aricept because my memory loss was so severe. The docs should have stopped giving me treatments once it was clear my depression was not improving, but they kept giving it to me until I just got such a phobia I couldn't do it anymore. Waking up in such confusion is a horrible experience to me. And you will lose much of your memories from the time around the procedure - so that is a whole month to month and a half you will forget almost everything that happened. I am still finding things I bought or about things that happened during that time, and it has been since July that I had it.

    For the procedure, you are put under anasthesia for about 5 min. That means you get an IV. When you wake up, you are extremely confused. It takes a few hours to recover from the anasthesia but you are more confused than normal from an operation because of the ECT itself. You get ECT 2 to 3 times a week, and it is usually done outpatient, so you need a driver and someone to sit with you for a few hours after the procedure. I put together a checklist of things to do every day/week, in case of serious memory problems, and that was a good thing. Stuff like scoop litterboxes, pay bills, etc.

    You need to ask the doc how many treatments you will need in order to know if it is helping so you can decide whether to continue. Docs make money giving you these treatments, and you don't want to go thru many treatments as I did, if it isn't helping. Plus it is a hospital procedure, even if it is outpatient, and it runs up useless medical costs, if it isn't effective, which is such a problem in society.

    I guess I still think ECT can be a lifesaver for some, but for me it was horrid and didn't help. A person I know had catatonia and was starving to death, and he thinks it saved his life. Another person I met was able to keep his professional job and just went back once a month for maintenance ECT. Meds had not worked for him. Another person I met said it helped some, but they weren't able to maintain the mood more than a couple weeks.

    All the best to you! I hope you find an effective treatment!

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    Electroshock therapy is the most extreme form of therapy for depression. The only way to get it is through a psyche doctor. There are many more simple and non invasive ways to treat depression.

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    You don't want to go there with the electroshock therapy. You should talk to your doctor about the antidepressant you are taking. It sounds like you have developed a tolerance or addiction to it and when that happens your body requires more and more to obtain the needed effect. Maybe he can change to a different medication that will provide the help you need.

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    Yes it is still used only when a person has tried every type of treatment and medication and nothing has worked for them. Nowadays people are put under general anistetic so they are asleep and cannot feel it when it is being done. There has been cases when people have lost memories and cannot remember some things after ECT but other than that it is said to work well on people who have had no luck with medications and such. Look up on google about, a lot of people put their experiences up online and it looks promising to help and not many complications arise. I think its done at both mental hospitals and general hospitals but I'm not too sure x

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    the procedure is called an ECT and you can't just get it. it depends on how long you have been treated for depression and if any of the medications you have taken have worked for you and to what extent. your doc also has to recommend this procedure and if he doesn't do it himself he will have to send you to someone who does. this procedure does work for allot of people but there are side effects you need to consider, like short term memory loss.

    Source(s): working with psychiatrist and patients who have had this procedure.
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    In order to get it you have to have it prescribed by a psychiatrist. You can be certain most will try less invasive measures first.

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