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Besides Judas Chuck Hagel what other Republicans would serve in an Obama administration?

I don't many would and if they would then they really are not Republicans.


Should RNC ask them to renounce their Republican party affiliation?

Update 2:

Bloomberg is Independent not a Republican

Update 3:

Obama Ranked Most Liberal Senator in 2007

It may or may not be a trophy that he wants to pick up right now.

The National Journal is out with its 27th Annual vote ratings and it ranked Sen. Barack Obama as the most liberal Senator in the entire Senate. (His first year he was 16th, and last year he was 10th.) But he wasn't alone in his shift to the left. Sen. Hillary Clinton was 16th herself in 2007 after being 32nd in 2006.

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    I don't think any self-respecting republican would. But, someone who is worried about reelection probably will.

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    What hypocrisy! When McCain talks about "reaching across the aisle", you scream and cry that it's a trait of "leadership".

    When other Republicans pledge to work with Obama, you call them traitors.

    I certainly hope more Republicans work with the Obama administration, so they can be part of the solution instead of just creating MORE problems.

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    And the Republicans call themselves the party of the big tent looks more like one ring circus that would fit in closet.

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    Country First... Where have I heard that before?

    Hmmm. Maybe you should be a real Patriot and respect those willing to reach across the aisle for this country.

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    Haha what was Mccain's Slogan? Country first? or was it Drill baby drill? Bet you only remember the later. Sigh.

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    Bloomberg is a possibility. And he is no Judas either. But your views are irresponsible.

  • Ones who put America first.

    Source(s): unlike you If there is a Judas in American politics he'd certainly be a Republican.
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    I didn't know that we were not all Americans. Thanx for letting me know. Are you going to secede?

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    Ah...but they are Americans!! And maybe they feel that country is more important than party.

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